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      The Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container

      Apache Tomcat 7

      Version 7.0.47, Oct 18 2013
      Apache Logo


      User Guide


      Apache Tomcat Development

      Tomcat Developers

      Active Developers

      The list indicates the developers' main areas of interest. Feel free to add to the list :) The developers email addresses are [login]@apache.org. Please do not contact developers directly for any support issues (please post to the tomcat-users mailing list instead, or one of the other support resources; some organizations and individual consultants also offer for pay Tomcat support, as listed on the support and training page on the Tomcat Wiki).

      • Bill Barker (billbarker): Connectors
      • Costin Manolache (costin): Catalina, Connectors
      • Filip Hanik (fhanik): Clustering, Release Manager
      • Jean-Frederic Clere (jfclere): Connectors
      • Jim Jagielski (jim): Connectors
      • Konstantin Kolinko (kkolinko): Catalina
      • Mark Thomas (markt): CGI, SSI, WebDAV, bug fixing
      • Mladen Turk (mturk): Connectors
      • Peter Rossbach (pero): Catalina, Clustering, JMX
      • Rainer Jung (rjung): Catalina, Clustering, Connectors
      • Remy Maucherat (remm): Catalina, Connectors, Docs
      • Tim Funk (funkman): Catalina, Docs
      • Tim Whittington (timw): Connectors
      Retired Developers
      • Amy Roh (amyroh): Catalina
      • Glenn Nielsen (glenn): Catalina, Connectors
      • Henri Gomez (hgomez): Connectors
      • Jan Luehe (luehe): Jasper
      • Jean-Francois Arcand (jfarcand): Catalina
      • Kin-Man Chung (kinman): Jasper
      • Yoav Shapira (yoavs): Docs, JMX, Catalina, balancer

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